The concept is based on our patented construction system with LSTC frame, self-supporting light steel bodies, on which we mount our SIP panels.

The SIP panel itself is a very strong sandwich structure, insulated with a rigid core of PIR insulation, giving the structural properties similar to an I-beam, with outstanding fire properties. Our PIR insulation is thermoset, which means that it does not soften, melt or drop when exposed to high heat. In fully developed fire, it does not burn, but decolorizes only slowly.

Our SIP panel has a thermal conductivity at record low 0.08 W / m2, which is unique.

Overall, our construction system provides a light, fireproof, strong and super insulated building with a very short construction time.

Word from the founder

When we started SIP HOMES®, we had an idea of ​​meeting growing demand for the market for a more flexible, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly construction system. In addition to being innovative, we also wanted to offer high quality in design, which is synonymous with Swedish industrial success all over the world.

The design is an important part when we make a difference, and while we build with our patented panels – with all the benefits they provide – each SIP HOME is unique to the site or tailor made for its new owner. For this reason, we started a collaboration with ÅF Sandellsandberg’s architects, so that exclusive and individual designs match our quality in engineering and construction. A home is and remains the largest investment in most people’s lives. Designing and building a house thus entails a great deal of responsibility not only to customers but also in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and how the houses fit into the surrounding environment.

Our company is growing steadily and we strive to become the leading supplier of SIP panels in Scandinavia. From day one, our business idea was able to offer the whole value chain to the customer, from the original idea sketch to being able to hand over the keys to a finished home. Through the deliveries from our own state-of-the-art panel factory in Riga, Latvia, we can shorten construction times and keep costs down.

In recent years we have developed very successfully. SIP HOMES® is now a significant company with expanded production capacity and we are currently active in Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Spain and Croatia. The success of each company, however, is only the result of the interaction between employees, partners and customers. We therefore hope that in the future we will be able to deliver many new SIP HOMES to satisfied customers.