Welcome to SIP HOMES

We understand how modern people wants to live.

This, along with our insight into how we can streamline many of our social functions, enable us to project and build areas that are attractive both for you as residents and for those who have their workplace in the area.

SIP HOMES® projects, produces and supplies energy-efficient prestige homes in Sweden, Finland and Spain. Modern design, architecture and sustainable social planning are our guiding principles.


At SIP HOMES® we have a unique concept for stable and durable mega-insulated buildings that offer low energy consumption and a small environmental footprint.

Our concept is based on our patent-pending construction system with an LSTC frame, self-supporting light steel frames, on which we assemble our SIP panels.

The SIP panel itself is a very strong sandwich design, insulated with a stiff core of PIR insulation, which gives structural characteristics similar to an RSJ, with exceptional fireproofing characteristics. Our PIR insulation is thermosetting, which means that it does not soften, melt or drip when exposed to high heat. In the event of a full-blown fire, it does not burn, just carbonises very slowly.

Our SIP panel has a thermal conductivity at a record low of 0.08 W/m2, which is absolutely unique.

All in all, our construction system gives a lightweight, fireproof, strong and mega-insulated building with a very short construction period.


Sustainability and social responsibility form an integral part of our business and are things that really concern us. We create attractive residential environments and contribute to a sustainable urban development with a focus on an understanding how people want from their lives, work and their housing, as well as design and architecture. We strive to make as little impact on our environment as possible. As part of this we are currently certifying the company in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. By systematising and standardising the way we work, our methods and materials, we can ensure that we focus on the issues that make a difference.

Some specific examples are that our properties are super-insulated and equipped with heat pumps with heat recovery for the lowest possible energy consumption for their residents.


Our own factory allows us to have full control of material flow, delivery times and quality. Our machines are latest models, and the most flexible in this industry. This means that we can quickly adapt our production, depending on the surfaces and dimensions we need for our projects.

We have a production capacity of approximately: 750,000 m² SIP panels per year.

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SIP HOMES® projects, produces and supplies energy-efficient prestige homes. The lead star is modern design and architecture with sustainable social planning. The company started in 2014 and currently has 17 ongoing housing projects in Sweden, Finland and Spain, ranging from luxury villas to student housing. With its own factory outside Riga, SIP Homes® has control over material flows, delivery times and quality.