SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) are a smart and efficient form of pre-fabricated construction, offering the same structural properties as traditional construction methods, but with a lot of additional benefits. The panels are used for exterior and interior walls, ceilings and floors.

Once assembled, they form a highly effective insulation, providing maximum protection against wind and water, without the possibility of mold. Our construction method puts the thermal conductivity at a record low of 0.08 W/m2, which is unique.

Our Panels (SIP) consist of an insulating layer of rigid core PIR isolation foam, sandwiched between two oriented strand boards (OSB-3 or cement board). These are pressed under high pressure and heated together, to form a very strong construction inner core, which is also environmentally classified.

SIP HOMES® has a unique concept for stable and durable mega-insulated buildings that offers low energy consumption and a small environmental footprint.

The Group’s concept is based on a patentpending construction system, utilizing a steel and thin walled construction frame. Our SIP are assembled exclusively on those self-supporting steel frames. An important additional benefit of this method, next to flexibility, construction speed and quality, is the possibility of wiring and piping the building in a cost effective and efficient way. SIP structures are also exceptionally fire-proofed and thermoset, which means that they do not soften, melt or drop when exposed to high heat.