All-encompassing holistic thinking

Sustainability and social responsibility form an integral part of our business and are things that really concern us. We create attractive residential environments and contribute to a sustainable urban development with a focus on an understanding how people want from their lives, work and their housing, as well as design and architecture. We strive to make as little impact on our environment as possible. As part of this we are currently certifying the company in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. By systematising and standardising the way we work, our methods and materials, we can ensure that we focus on the issues that make a difference.

Some specific examples are that our properties are super-insulated and equipped with heat pumps with heat recovery for the lowest possible energy consumption for their residents.

We plan our areas according to Postnord’s concept “Green routes”. There are many different work vehicles that drive around residential areas. In order for the residents and working environment to be as good and safe as possible, it is important with a carefully considered traffic plan

Green routes also contribute to reducing the environmental impact. With green routes, residential areas achieve:

  • Increased road safety
  • A safer residential environment
  • A reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced noise